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Return Policy


  • 非人为引起的质量问题
  • 3日内退换货(以签收日期为准)
  • 商品及包装保持出售时原状且配件齐全(包装盒子/袋子/吊牌未剪/未洗/未使



  •  经穿着,洗涤或人为造成的污损、损坏等影响二次销售的商品
  •  色差,尺寸不合,和想像不同,轻微脱线/走线/积线 (可以自行处理的情况)1CM以下的小洞,2CM以下的汙点污渍
  • 陶瓷商品大量制作,部分货物难免会有小瑕疵,不接受退换


  • 如需办理退换货,请先和在线客服联系您的商品问题
  • 拍下照片清晰的瑕疵问题,并发送给客服
  • 客服将在24小时内确认您的退货信息




Return and exchange policy

❤Return and exchange policy:

  • Qualityproblems caused by non-human causesReturn and exchange within 3 days (subject to the date of received)
  • Commodities and packaging remain the same as they were sold and the accessories are complete (the tag is not cut, not used, and not washed,with packaging)

It should be noted that the pictures and information are for reference only. There may be a certain color difference between the product picture and the actual product due to the shooting lighting and the color difference of different displays. This is not a quality issue. Please refer to the actual product.

❤ Conditions not allowed for return or exchange:

  • Commodities that affect secondary sales such as wearing, washing, or man-made defacement, damage, etc.
  • Color difference, size inconsistency, different from imagination, slight disconnection/wiring/line accumulation (cases that can be handled by yourself), small holes below 1CM, stains below 2CM
  • Ceramic goods are produced in large quantities, some goods will inevitably have small defects, and no return or exchange is accepted.

❤ Online return process:

  • If you need to handle the return and exchange, please contact the online customer service first.
  • Take pictures of clear defects and send them to customer service
  • Customer service will confirm your return information within 24 hours

❤ Warm reminder:
An order can only be returned/exchanged once. In order to guarantee your rights, please contact the customer service after consideration, and the return/exchange can only be carried out after the two parties have reached an agreement.

If the product is drectly sent back without the approval of the customer service for the return/exchange application, we will not be responsible for storage, re-delivery, or refund.

I wish you a happy shopping here ❤